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Laser surgery case 5: Thirteen-year-old, Irish Draft, Thoroughbred, Arab-cross mare with multiple, mixed sarcoids.

This patient presented with multiple, mixed sarcoids, which had been treated with a variety of treatments repeatedly, including cytotoxic, topical creams specifically developed for the treatment of sarcoids. Of particular concern to the owner was a large, recurrent, ulcerated mass on the belly just forward of the right hindlimb. This tumour was causing the mare so much discomfort and distress that the owner was - very reluctantly - considering euthanasia.

The surgery for all of the patient's sarcoids was conducted under general anaesthesia; the wounds healed rapidly and without incident, such that the mare was able to be worked again within just a few weeks of the procedure. On follow-up, the mare remains in remission 18 months later.
Immediately prior to surgery
3 days after surgery